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R227ea Refrigerant Gas


R227ea Refrigerant Gas

R227ea, HFC-227EA, FM200 is a colorless, odorless, low toxicity, good insulation, no secondary pollution of gas, ozone depletion potential value (ODP) is zero, as a fire extinguishing agent is the most ideal substitute for halogenated 1211, 1301. Conform to the American association of fire protection agency (NFPA) make NFPA - 2000 specification requirements of the clean gas fire extinguishing agent, its characteristic is "not conductive and volatile gas fire extinguishing agent, leaving no residue in the process of using", at the same time, seven fluorin propane clean fire extinguishing agent is harmless to the environment, persist in the natural period is short, high extinguishing efficiency and must be designed concentrations non-toxic, pollution, Applicable to protected areas with permanent staff. It and carbon dioxide are major alternatives to halothane.

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